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Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
'll see how they make the most out of the day's middle moments. this is simba and nala when they were growing. and this is when...when they growed up apart, ok? let's pretend, o hendrick: a child's life isn't always full of new and exciting events and activities. there are times in a child's day when nothing very thrilling happens. the children come and they go. they eat. they rest. they go to the bathroom. and the next day, they come and they do it all over again. boy: hey... but sometimes children, like adults, can lose control. right in the middle of what should have been a normal, typical moment, things go to pieces. girl: hey, i need it! i need it. i need to talk! teacher: erica, how about i talk to michael, and you talk to daniel. hi, daniel! hendrick: what can we do to keep this from happening? how can we ensure that our children's daily routines-- their middle moments-- are meeting their needs in a way that is nurturing, flexible, and positive? girl: ok. ok, bye. the rest of your friends are in the lunchroom. woman: can i go and put up the stuff? sure, go right ahead. how are
Jan 3, 2013 3:05am EST
bridge over the small nala, and there is a water hole. he was coming back from the bundi and he saw a tiger crossing a road, and he gets shocked, you know. it was very close to his motor bike, and -- [ speaking native language ] this big tiger is walking in the royal style. johnson: like he owns the place. broken tail puts the royal in royal bengal tiger. do you think he stopped at the water hole? [ conversing, interpreting ] he don't see that. he turned around and got out of there! run away! [ continues in native language ] and for ten kilometer he's feeling like he's having a loose motion. [ all laughing ] i'm not surprised! [ exchanging goodbyes ] that's the thing about india people do have a great respect for living things. can you imagine in europe allowing a great predator to wander freely around the country? it wouldn't happen! it's been great to see what it's like, the india outside the reserves outside the protected areas. whoops-a-daisy. you going that way? okay, good idea. good idea. this is an old maharajah's place. it must've been a hunting lodge or some
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2